I wanted to update you all on the course conditions at this point. We are trying our best to keep up with the growth of the grass, but it's tough and we are doing our best. The rough mowed 5 days a week and sometimes 6 if needed. It takes 4 days to get through the entire course and by the time we start back on #1 on the 5th day, it looks like we haven't mowed it in 2 weeks. It will slow down in the next couple of weeks which will make us all happy.

As for our project work, I have listed below what we are working on.

- I have painted and flagged a number of areas in the rough that need to be sodded. This includes the beginning/ends of cart paths and other unsightly areas that are unacceptable. We have begun cutting out and replacing these and will continue during the month of May.
- The areas surrounding the stairs on #8 will be cleaned up and either seeded or sodded.
- As far as the 12th hole, we are moving along nicely. We will be sodding a portion of the tee surrounds and mounding near the fairway bunker on Thursday and the remainder of the tee surrounds next week.
-As you can see in the picture below, the gravel is sitting over drain pipe in the bunker. This removes the water so we don't have ponding in the bunkers. Our current bunkers have a fabric liner that keeps the sand separated from the gravel layer which is called the "Billy Bunker". Our new bunkers will have the "Better Billy Bunker" system installed which no longer has a fabric line, but rather a polymer that is sprayed over a gravel blanket that covers the entire bunker floor. This polymer is like a porous super glue that binds the gravel together. It doesn't allow the sand to mix with the gravel but allows water to penetrate thought to the drain lines. The good news is, no more ripped fabric liners. The company licensed to spray the polymer will arrive on May 8th or 9th to install the gravel and polymer. The gravel must be completely dry before the polymer is sprayed, which is why this company is behind schedule. Too much rain over the last month.

Below is a picture of the sodded bunker face, which at this point has completely rooted in.

We sodded the tee decks on Friday April 28 and I checked them two days later on Sunday and they too had begun to root.

A portion of the tee surround will be sodded on Thursday (May 4) and the remainder of the tee surround will be sodded next week (weather permitting). The new cart path will take 4-5 days according to the contractor and I should have some idea about when they area starting in the next day or two.
Unfortunately, with all of the uncertainty of contractor timing, I cannot say when we will open the hole. I will keep everyone up to date as to any changes that happen.